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Coinbase – a highly defective system – where even the basics don’t work properly

ANXPRO is a well-designed exchange. In comparison, Coinbase is a very poor quality exchange.

  1. It doesn’t work on Google Chrome on a PC – one gets a blank screen for “dashboard”
  2. I had to download the app to upload my drivers licence. The thing was clunky and really badly designed. Took me nearly 5 attempts to get it right.
  3. The app would not update after ID and credit card details had been uploaded.
  4. I had to use Firefox to see the dashboard.
  5. I had to repeatedly try to get the “buy” system to work. It finally worked (very randomly) and although it gave me two times the message that I had been successful in buying a currency, it only worked one of the two times. False signal.
  6. It gives a limit only of $300 AUD each week
  7. You can’t sell your currency on this platform


The advantage? Its commission is pretty small, and not like the 5 to 10 per cent commission one pays in Australia!!




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