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Reduce 500 MB video to <60MB or Whatsapp

Use Handbrake

First pick type 720 not 1980 (only then do the other settings below)

Web optimise

Video quality 30 or so (not 22)


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Recording a portion of the desktop using Powerpoint. Sound is not recording – fix the issue

STEP 1: Powerpoint uses the Windows Default recording device as it’s input. This is A HIDDEN FEATURE AND SO SOUND WON’T RECORD AUTOMATICALLY DURING VIDEO CAPTURE.

So go to control panel > sound > manage audio devices > Recording. Pick “stero mix” which has the image of a sound card as the default device.

STEP 2: Go to insert > screen recording > record. Then Windows + Shift + Q to stop

STEP 3: Don’t forget to turn off the “stereo mix” default option


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