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Shortinglisting a replacement car

What I need in a car

  • foot-“hand” brake
  • high resolution cameras to fully record the environment
  • Cruise control
  • Decent safety rating
  • A large boot 
  • Servicing every 15K/ one year

SUV experience

Sm has driven Kia Carnival, Holden Captiva, Toyota Tarago, Toyota Prius (sedan). One potential problem noticed in Kia: The handbrake goes off automatically after few seconds of starting the engine – not a very safe option.

Recommended Options (brand new with minimum 10% off by shopping around):




  • Maintenance costs are lower for Toyota as their parts are more common. Most independent mechanics know Toyotas better, since Toyota is the best-selling brand globally. Servicing intervals for both are every 10,000 km’s (except for sedans like the Camry, which is every 15,000kms) but capped price is available.
  •  SUVs with AWD are more expensive to maintain because the AWD system is more expensive to fix if it breaks. Also, when tyres are changed, all 4 may have to be changed at at the same time.


  • The Toyota RAV4 and Honda CRV are 4WD. Both are big cars, but not too big for city driving. If you go beyond these sizes, you’ll get more power but city-driving will be too difficult.


Subaru XV/Subaru Forester: 220mm [not reliable, 3.8 on productreview]
Honda CRV: 208mm [4.6 on productreview]
Mazda CX-5: 200mm [4.3 on productreview]
Suzuki Vitara: 185mm [4.2 on productreview]
Toyota RAV4: 176mm [4.1 on productreview]
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross: 175mm
Kia Sportage: 172mm [4.5 on productreview]
  • The Toyota will be able to tow caravans of up to 1500 kg weight as per the specifications, as can the CRV. However, due to the bigger engine, Toyota will be more powerful.


I would test drive both the Toyota RAV4 (2.5 litre traditional engine) and Honda CRV (1.5 litre turbo engine). Toyota is better than Honda – the Honda CRV has some engine faults that need to be investigated, since “turbo” engines are new unproven technology.

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Strong internet connection but “whatsapp web” keeps going off

Whatsapp doesn’t provide much advice on why its whatasapp web constantly disconnects. This issue has dramatically inceased with my new phone.



Go to Battery > Battery Optimization > scroll down to the app Whatsapp > choose ‘Don’t Optimize’.



WhatsApp Web constantly disconnecting since I moved to new phone

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