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Insert an image as the title page of a Word document


  1. Insert rectangle shape – and stretch it to the tips of the page

2. Go to shape format > Shape fill > drop down pick picture > insert the picture.

NOTE: Word will STRETCH THE IMAGE and distort it. You’ll need to figure out the correct size by trial and error, in Canva. Resize the image in canva before downloading.

A4 size paper is 210 x 297 mm

Canva default for book is 1410 x 2250

To make it fit the A4 page, resize to 1410  x 1994


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How to use Slider Revolution and Video carousel on website

Go to Slider Revolution on the dashboard.


Just press the copy button on new slide 1 and create a duplicate

go to the top and select image layer

Pick background

Update new image

Likewise update the text

Pick the existing module Slider 2


Insert slide (BLANK/copy of another one)


Carefully select relevant area. It should show up as “Edit Carousel”


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Some common words between Arabic and Hindi

Hisab – accounts
Kalam – pen
Tah – below/under

Shukriya – thanks
Haal – mood/condition

Indian words used in Arabic

Shakkar – sugar

Chai – tea

Tamatar /tamatan – tomato

Kadam – foot

Ustaad – teacher

Muafzaa – employee (benefits)

Sifr – zero

Rakam – number

Jism – body

Insaan – human

Sadr – chest ie. centre of body

Subah – morning




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