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Maintaining tyres in good condition

I've been informed that had I rotated the tyres of the car I could have used for another 5K. (front tyres were bald, rear tyres not so bald).

New tyres cost $400 installed and last 35K (appx). This means that I could have saved roughly $55 by rotating the tyres.

Rotation costs, however include both the cost of rotation and time (2 hours of life) of doing this additional thing.

It may not be worthwhile to do so.

However, doing servicing, rotation is desirable.

ALSO ALIGNMENT. My rear car tyre was misaligned by 4.6 mm. That probably caused one of the rear tyers to go bald on one side. But alignment is costly, as well.

SIMPLE SOLUTION: REPLACE AND ALIGN TYRES EVERY 30K. That is an economic solution that also saves time.


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