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Authentication error on Networked blogs

I'm getting this error on the syndication option on my networked blog link.

This has also been reported here:

I am constantly having to use the syndication tab & select my blog from the drop down list to get it to feed Facebook.  It will feed it for a while, then stop again & I have to go through the same process again.  When I click on the exclamation point symbol it says:
"Syndication is enabled for your facebook profile. Authentication error blocked publishing recent posts
This error is resolved now, and future posts will publish as usual. It's listed for reference only. No further action required. When you change your Facebook password or permissions settings, Facebook may revoke publishing permissions, which causes syndication to stop. Visiting this page renews these permissions, so you're all set. This error message will disapper after the next post gets published successfully."
By the time I do all of this, I can publish to my Facebook profile manually.  This has been going on for about a year now.  When will this be fixed?


There is no solution available on the internet. 

I've migrated all my blog postings to RSS Graffiti


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