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Facebook block person vs. ban permanently

Facebook blocking

Facebook blocking help centre link.

I found a problematic person, whom I had "blocked"  was able to communicate on a group of which he is a member (I am administrator of the group). Turns out that

Once you block someone, that person can no longer be your friend on Facebook or interact with you (except within apps and games you both use and groups you are both a member of). [Facebook]

So what happens is that the person can't post on your profile but gets to post on groups he/she has joined but of which you are administrator.

Groups: You’ll be able to see groups that the blocked person created or belongs to, but you won’t see that person in the group member list. You also won’t see anything that person posts in the group. 

Thus, someone wrote on FB:

I've "permanently" banned fans and they keep coming back over and over. I no longer see the comments they leave, but other fans do? Tell me what I need to do–as an administrator–to require people to get approval before they are accepted as fans. [Source]

What this means is that even as administrator you wont' be able to see the posts made by this person, but will know because others are responding!

This is a particular problem when people are posting SPAM. In that case use the SPAM option, not the block option.

The problem with the block option is that when you want to undo that, the list is ordered in a random manner so you can't remember whom you unblocked for spam. So always use the SPAM option.

Facebook ban permanently

As administrator you can PERMANENTLY ban a member. Go to the member list (Members > see all), then search for the member and click the cross button next to his name – that will give you the choice of banning him permanently. 


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21 thoughts on “Facebook block person vs. ban permanently
  1. Mindie

    "As administrator you can PERMANENTLY ban a member. Go to the member list (Members > see all), then search for the member and click the cross button next to his name – that will give you the choice of banning him permanently. "
    I have done this several times to the same two people over and over on my daughter's cake decorating facebook page. They have been able to keep adding themselves back in. I don't understand why it won't permanently ban them , even though I've repeatedly clicked the button to do so.
    HELP!??! These two people are harrassing both my daughter and myself through this page. šŸ™

    1. Deon Fialkov

      The people that are harassing your daughter and you clearly have lots of time to waste and have thus set up multiple profiles.  You would have to block each new personality that is created in them.

      Usually if you can work out the IP address of the facebook profile – you can just block the entire IP range – so even if that person has 100 profiles – they won't come back.

      Lastly, if these people still harass you – contact me… I know how to eradicate people like that without physically hurting them.

      1. sarah

        Please i need your help, there is this girl who keeps liking my fan page even when i permanently ban her…. she is abusing and stressing me.
        Please help on how to block her forever and she doesn’t like my fan page again. Thank u

      2. Nigel Davies

        Hello Dion. My friend is being harrassed on FaceBook by a person she has blocked numerous times, but who keeps coming back with different names. I suggested that she try blocking the persons phone number, but we do not know how to do that. Your suggestion to block the IP address sounds perfect for us, but again we do not know how to go about it. This person is harrassing my friend on her personal page and on the page of groups she has joined. Can you offer us some advice please.

  2. sabhlok


    Don't know precisely your issue, but could you make sure that only the administrator can accept new members? That might work.

    I FB has to give admins the options they need to fix a range of problems. Today it is easy for people to harass others on FB. 


  3. Sheryl

    We are experiencing an interesting issue in that a permanently banned fan keeps reappearing in the fan list. Any ideas on how to stop this?
    In this case, the person is stalking one of our clients romantically. We've blocked this person from our clients personal page and banned them from the fan page, but they keep showing up every 4-6 hours. It's driving us crazy trying to fix it.

  4. Jo

    We are experiencing the same issue as above. A person on a Facebook business Page keeps liking the Page even though we have permanently banned them multiple times. Is this a glitch in the Facebook system? I have tried through Mozilla, Chrome and IE but none of them are working.
    Any help?

  5. Karen Thomas

    I have been having the same problem. I have a community page on facebook and there is one person who uses his community page to share all that goes on on my page. He harasses me and my administrators and members daily. I have clicked the likes, dropped the menu down and gone to pages and clicked the page he uses. Then checked the ban box and hit remove.1 minute later he is back on the page sharing again. Is there some problem with the ban and blocks in our community pages?Is there any way to keep pages from sharing other pages?Any help with this would be most appreciated

  6. Corrine

    I have been almost permanently bbanned by someone. How can I block myself from someone permanent banning from others/friends?

  7. JV

    I'm having the exact same problem that others have stated above.
    I continue to block the same person from my Facebook fan page and he continues to re-appear even though he's on my blocked list.
    Surely, this is a Facebook privacy glitch. 

    Has anyone figured out how to workaround this and permanently ban someone from a Facebook page?

  8. NP

    I have the same problem.  Every second day I have to RE-permanently ban a pest from my page that I am an administrator of.  How does that work?  

  9. Sammi

    I thought blocking someone from my fan page will work, but that just blocks me from seeing them. They can keep writing whatever they want and see all my posts but I can't see anything they do. Why in the world would anyone want this? I want to ban them now but I can't because I can't see them anymore. This is pathetic !

  10. Katherine Koehler

    my problem is my bfs ex gf after trying to block her unblocked me. so how do i permantely keep her from communicating with me on fb?

  11. Caddie

    In exactly the same position. Have to keep 'banning permanently' the same people (approx 10!) who kee reappearing in my business facebook fan page. 
    How can I make sure they don't reappear? This is seriously starting to worry me. I am wondering if there is a bug on my pae or something??
    If anyone has any advice I would love to hear it. 
    Thank you. 

  12. Kimi

    if i have group at fb and a member had block me,,can i still see him since am the admin ,even if he block me?….plz answer

  13. MysticGurl

    Hii i have a facebook page i have banned someone via comment that is 1st i'v hidden the comment as spam thn i have banned the person.. i have checked my message i have seen that i will not be able to reply him and his name is in black.. does this mean i am safe now? will that person be able to comment or message me again? thank u xx plz help

  14. JL

    Here is the way to be able to see blocked people and what they post or comment on a FaceBook Page…
    Make sure that you are "You are posting, commenting, and liking as" the Name of the Page – as seen at the top of the Page, on the blue line. If you are not, then change it.
    Go to the top of the Page and under "Edit Page" select "Use FaceBook as <name of Page>
    You will now be able to see everyone who likes the Page, irrespective of whether or not they are blocked by yourself personally. You will also be able to see everything they post or comment on and their name will be visible in the list of people who like the Page, so you can choose from there what you want to do.
    When you're finished, go back to the "Edit Page" at the top of the Screen and re-select your own name as your user name.

  15. Jeff Dearman

    What if you were in a group and you can no longer respond to the group or see posts from the group and it doesnt show up in search?

    Does that mean I’ve been banned from it?

    I was posting a lot on BERNIE SANDERS is MY HERO.
    I thought I was posting positive stuff and a lot of people were liking my material
    but I guess not.

  16. Eric Bingham-Kumpf

    Self promotion is a good way to be banned permanently from Facebook and trying to get another account is next to impossible. Facebook tags the offender by first, middle and last name along with month/year of birth plus the location. Even if you use a different email address, Facebook can still ban you! If any of those factors match, that account is immediately disabled. The ultimate measure that Facebook can do is block your IP address. The best thing to do if you are banned from Facebook is to go to another social media site.


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