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Improving the Viewsonic monitor’s resolution

Upon reinstallation, I found my monitor's resolution (viewsonic va2038wm) was not as good as it should have been, even after installing all relevant drivers. (on Windows XP)

The problem was that I had gone to the My Computer > right click Properties > Advanced > Performance > Settings > Visual effecs > Adjust for best performance.

That's because the computer was misbehaving itself (a separate problem). 

By reverting back to the default (Let Windows choose what's best for my computer), the resolution has reverted to the very fine and hiqh quality one that I had seen in the previous installation of Windows XP.

All fixed.


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2 thoughts on “Improving the Viewsonic monitor’s resolution
  1. Louise

    My problem is that I cannot fix the moire on my monitor. I have horizontal waves on all my monitor after reinstalling it to my new apartment…. Tried with buttons on side but nothing works and no way to see moire reduction button even if my book says it is there… Help please. Monitor is View Sonci E771


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