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Benefits of a high Pagerank

I notice from various website articles that a Google Pagerank doesn't make much of a difference in search ranking. However, to me it has several key advantages:

a) As a commoner, a higher PR is preferable to a lower one simply because all the best websites have a high PR. Regardless of what it means, a higher rank is good.

b) Many blog directories have a ranking system that takes into account Google Pagerank. The higher the PR, the higher the blog directory rank. That's surely good for greater publicity and greater traffic. 

c) People have a feeling that by linking to a high ranking website they will get a halo effect. There is a greater likelihood for people will link your website to theirs if your website has a high PR than a low one. That means more traffic, which means greater publicity for your message. 

Regardless of the relatively minor benefits, there are still benefits of a higher PR than a lower one.

In life perception often matters more than reality. Regardless of what Google says (that PR doesn't matter), it does. 

Does it mean one should spend money on SEO? NO!!!

I did not spend any money on SEO but my main blog went from PR 2 where it had languished for 3 years (because I hardly did anything on it), to 6 in less than a year (because I wrote stuff on the blog). Google is broadly fair – it picks up websites that provide authentic content and gives them a higher PR. So, yes, PR matters but do NOTHING about it. It will happen.


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