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Triton XTRJSB Reciprocating Saw – how to use

This. The Manual here.

Some blades that I have. These are stored IN THE TRITON IMPACT DRIVER BOX

The first of these is 14TPI and can cut some metal. The second one has very low TPI (7) and is therefore suitable only for wood.

Blade types

Blade strength is measured in TPI (teeth per inch). For low grade material like wood low TPI (6 or so) is enough. For high grade material (like metal) more teeth are needed per inch (around 18).

How to use it:

Just twist the front part of the tool as far as it will go, insert the blade and release. The blade should hold firmly.

This video is for ryobi but is useful for the Triton as well.

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How to use Ryobi RMT300-S multi tool

This. Manual here. Pic of box:

See video:

Basically all types of blades will fit into it.

Simple quick change blades (with half a cut), such as:

Ryobi multi tool comes with the following blades:

These are extremely simple to use. See 2:45 in the above video (or see this).

However, other types of blades readily fit, as well, such as starlock, etc.

To fit these you first do the quick change step and release the front holder. Then with your hand unscrew it and fit the other blades. Then lock it up.


The one I’ve got is Diablo Steel Demon DIAZ 20AT Starlock, made in Switzerland. It is supposed to have 30x’s longer life in metal. Suitable for “metal demolition”. It works on hardened metal, stainless steel, fibre glass and fibre cement. With tungsten carbide teeth.

It is suitable to cut nails and screws, etc. And of course will cut plasterboard.

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