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sony handycam DCR-HC96E

notes for transferring photos from my handycam to the computer:

– the original software supplied (called picture package) DOESN’T WORK any longer. Says it requires macromedia flash but doesn’t accept the latest flash version. So it is totally USELESS!

– So I went to
and install “PMB (Picture Motion Browser) Ver.4.3.03” is an alternative software to “Picture Package”. EVEN DOWNLOADING THIS WAS A NIGHTMARE. And it requires the original CD of Picture Packager to install!! Do Sony NOT HAVE ANY RESPECT FOR THEIR CLIENT’S TIME??? in my case the number is SPVD -012.1 usb DRIVER 2-666-755-01.

But that’s not enough. I must learn to STRICLTY AVOID sONY  products which are so heavily “protected” that even customers can’t access them. And they don’t work! (orignal software didn’t accept flash).
FINALLY THAT DIDN’T WORK EITHER. I now have to buy a card reader for memory pro-duo, a system that is patented by Sony and hence doesn’t work with ordinary SD card readers. Time to stop buying Sony products. That’s it.


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3 thoughts on “sony handycam DCR-HC96E
  1. Colin Blignaut

    I also have a Sony Handycam DCR HC 96E and cannotdownload from the cassette. Mem stick download does work. The supplied picture package" disk is incompatible with my Win 7 PC. Also incompatible with my Vista Laptop. Sony South Africa say the only way is with a 'FireWire" but mu brand new Fijitsu PC doesnot have a FireWire port.
    Is there abny way to be able to use this (stupid) Sony product?
    It was a damn expensive, top of the range in 2007.
    All my Canon cameras have no problems connecting to the PC!!

    1. sabhlok

      I’d recommend buying and installing a PC card with firewire into your PC. I have no problems downloading videos from my handycam.


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