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Uploading videos on WordPress

a) FLV is the best format (flash)

b) Youtube and other such are a total nuisance given their low limits (100MB/10 minutes). Avoid them.

c) Veoh allows more than 10 minutes but requires a log on. A nuiscance, again.

d) BEST software for video editing: Videopad video editor (Ulead is good but old versions can't deal with new media). It can easily combine/splice FLVs as appropriate and convert to virtually any format.
(or try Freevideotoflash…. [DVDSOFT]

e) Make sure you install an appropriate plugin into WordPress. In my case I have used FLVEMBED (free)

f) Upload FLV on the server, and provide a POSTER (jpg) to act as the front end.

g) Insert the video by inserting as HTML:  [flv:movie poster width height]  where movie is the URL of the movie and poster the URL of the poster. A good width height setting is: 480 360. But if you are using on the right bar of the blog, shrink it.


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