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Importing from Blogger to WordPress-based blog

In transitioning from Blogger (blogspot) to my main domain, which I decided to run on WordPress, I found that the default import option of WordPress doesn’t seem to work properly (it doesn’t offer XML import, and the Blogger import is slow and defective). Thus, only 50 out of 90 posts were imported and then it would freeze.

So to circumvent this I did the following:

a) Download from Blogger as XML on the computer. This takes very little time.
b) Upload into blog hosted on (go to import>blogger, then bottom of page and upload the file downloaded at step (a). After uploading, give it some rest, to allow WordPress to finish the import properly
c) On the blog go to export and download RSS (WXR), an xml of a different WordPress sort, onto the computer.
d) Now upload this xml to the desired domain that uses WordPress.This will work.

As a result the only good thing that happened is that all posts did get copied across. However, now there are a large number of duplicates. Hence I had to delete all posts and upload them again.

Deleting is not an easy thing either!
First go to screen options on the top of the WordPress admin screen and increase visible posts to 75. Then bulk delete. Also get rid of Trash by deleting permanently.

Retain the blogger blog domain just in case. Also it prevents its misuse.



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One thought on “Importing from Blogger to WordPress-based blog
  1. Garreth

    There's a WP plugin called WP-suicide which allows you to empty your WP install when an import goes wrong. I'm doing that now!


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