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Abbreviations used in medical prescriptions in India

For 20+ years I’ve been used to printed instructions from the pharmacist to tell me how and when to take medicines. In India, however, an older model continues – the following terms are used:

OD – Daily
BD – Twice a day
TDS (or TD or TID) – Three times a day
BBF – before breakfast


2p – Two Puffs/metered doses of an inhaler
4h (also qqh OR 4′)  – Every four hours (number indicated number of hours)
AC – Before food
BEY – Both eyes
BNO – Both nostrils
CC – With food
HS (Hora somni) – at night before bed time
LE/RE – Left eye/Right eye
MDU (or MD or UT) – As directed by the prescriber
MN (sometimes appears as NM) – Morning and night
OM (or M) – In the morning
ON (or N) – At night
PC – After food
PO – Administer orally
PR – Administer anally/rectally (unless this seems odd, as PRN may mean when required, this should be obvious however as the item will not be a suppository or enema)
PRN – When required
PV – Administer vaginally
QDS (or QD) – Four times a day
SOS – whenever necessity for relief




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