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How to use Triton XT 18V Impact Driver

this is the driver.

“Impact drivers are designed with no chuck, instead using a hex collet, a type of quick-change clamp that accommodates drill and driver bits with ¼-inch hexagonal shanks. Pulling forward on the collet allows you to slip in the bit, and releasing it engages the clamp action. Impact-rated hex bits are required to stand up to the force exerted by the impact driver. The impact driver motor delivers power in quick rotary bursts to produce more torque when needed and protects the user’s wrist by applying most of the force downward. The action is automatic when the impact driver encounters resistance. Impact drivers typically run in one gear, but more advanced models have up to three gear ranges, and all have a variable speed trigger. ” [Source]

Watch from 3:15:

This needs a QUICK CHANGE hex bit holder.

This is a review of various types of hex bit holders:

This is what hex bit holders look like:

I have a number of these types of bits which can directly go into the Triton impact drill.

However, these are not magnetic, nor suitable for quick change.

This looks like a good one to get.



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