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Using Google’s Blogger to host one’s personal/ custom domain and subdomains

Step 1: Familiarise yourself with Google’s instructions here

Step 2:  Go to the domain provider (in my case Godaddy)

Step 3: Go to DNS settings/ manager for the relevant domain (in this case

Step 4: Add the following IP addresses into the DNS settings. This involves setting up four new “A” fields.

Step 5: DELETE Godaddy’s default “A” IP address – if you don’t do that there will be a conflict and the domain won’t point to Blogger

Step 6: Go to Blogger and add a third party domain. During that, you’ll get a CNAME that needs to be added. It will look something like:
CNAME vguofopoi24b HOST

Step 7: To point the main domain ( hosted add a new CNAME www that points to

Step 8: For each sub-domain (e.g. add a new CNAME with the name of the relevant subdomain, e.g. “technical”, that points to


Further, read the following to understand better: This (vodien) is OK. A website that provides somewhat different info, here. Also this. Similar info here. This is more detailed, here. And here, on namecheap’s website.


This includes only one subdomain – I’ve later on set up a lot of subdomains:


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