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Hootsuite – will definitely NOT recommend it

I had a Hootsuite account that I sporadically used for a few years. I had five profiles.

Then in mid-August (I think) Hootsuite offered a pro account for one month for free. I signed up (though NEVER had any time to test it out). At the end of the one month I cancelled it since I had no use for it.

Thereafter Hootsuite did not revert me to my old account. IT DELETED ALL MY PROFILES and said it will now limit me to three profiles.


Following in Microsoft’s footsteps? Let me assure Hootsuite that it has annoyed me and I will NEVER sign up for a pro account with it even if I feel I need one, in the future.


Actually what seems to have happened is that Hootsuite deleted my account settings and gave me a confusing set of menus.  assumed it had effectively nullified all my networks, so I clicked and deleted two of them (they were empty).

But it had actually not deleted them completely. Iit had merely reset all of them. In this process I lost two networks and wasted my time.

I DO NOT LIKE THIS APPROACH. I expected to have my original settings and not some confusing messages. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY.


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