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Air conditioned buses hot as hell because drivers don’t switch on the AC >> hot in a bus at the back >> windows do not open >> sun streams in

EVERYONE knows that cars tend to heat up very quickly when the windows are closed.

Parked cars get dangerously hot, even on cool days, Stanford study finds. Parents are warned NOT to leave children inside closed cars.

However, there is ACUTE ignorance among bus companies and public transport bureaucrats about the effects of closed windows on public buses.

Travelling in “air-conditioned” buses (with sealed windows) is a nightmare during late spring and early autumn. Morning temperatures may seem cool enough to the driver but as the bus takes on loads of passengers (who are radiating heat at 37 degrees) and the sun streams in from the big windows, the bus heats up rapidly and causes significant discomfort to passengers.

I have often felt like I’m travelling in a Calcutta black hole. At times I’ve had to yell out to the driver to switch on the AC.

I’ve experienced this issue for nearly 15 years now, and have had to keep writing about it to the Minister, Director Public Transport, and CEOs of various bus companies.

This is a chronic problem across the entire system. This issue needs constant reiteration across the entire bus system.

All drivers need to be reminded that the temperature they experience is not necessarily the one being experienced by passengers at the back, who are likely experiencing anywhere from 3-5 degrees higher temperature. Therefore, they should switch on the AC even when it seems to them that things are relatively cool.

It appears others have had similar issues: commentators here say they’d rather have the AC on and shiver than have it off and choke with heat.



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