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How to replace LED bulb in the ceiling GU10

One of the downlights in my house needed to be fixed. The old one was GU10 LR9W WW by E-Star. Unfortunately these bulbs are now no longer manufactured. The replacement one was GU10 6.3W (i.e. it consumes less electricity than the previous ones for the same luminence).

Replacing it was a challenge since it would not hold. I then found a metal piece stuck to the old bulb and figured out how to fix it. Here’s the video + photo for my future record (since I have a lot of these bulbs in my house).

The photo of how this looks before fixing it back in the ceiling:


I replaced my first damaged LED bulb today.

This video helped me a lot: (there were some slight differences between my bulb assembly and what’s shown in this video, but broadly, this was an excellent video. In particular, I liked his caution against using chairs. In my particular case, there was a spring which hurt my finger while pulling out the assembly. I also had to unscrew the assembly in order to release the bulb. Took me 5 minutes. A lot of dust fell from the ceiling, but the job was done successfully.)


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