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Gmail not attaching files, Windows explorer shutting down suddenly, not saving files

Other symptoms:

Chrome freezes on trying to attach a file/ Chrome crashes while uploading a file

All of these are related in some way to windows explorer now working properly.


1. Malwarebytes

Tried to eliminate malware with (free) Malwarebytes. This identified a few issues but removing them didn’t fix the problem.

2. SFC check on Windows
Ran the following command (at the start menu type cmd)
cmd (run as administrator – use right click of mouse to ensure that)
type this: sfc /scannow

This probably fixed a few corrupt files but showed that a lot had not yet been fixed. I opened the log file that Windows showed (under windows\logs\CBS\CBS.log  – had to provide administrator permission to open the log). The log file (upon uploading in Word, was over 2500 pages long!) Simply no point.

Problem did not go away.

3. cccleaner
Downloaded and ran both the cleanup and the registry cleanup. Deleted and fixed ALL problems identified. That improved things but the problem came back.
4. Reset chrome

This requires going into advanced setting (at the bottom). Still did not solve the issue

5. Repair Windows

Inserted original DVD and tired to repair Windows. There was nothing to repair.

Then tried a second option (just below the repair). Restarted. Could not solve the issue.

6. Reset folder view

In Windows Explorer, > Organize > Folder and search > View tab > Reset Folders > Apply to Folders button> Yes

7. Create a new user in Windows (older user might have got corrupted)

Create a new user and copy all your stuff over  (or use Windows Easy Transfer to move to the new account)

8. Check conflicts

Type chrome://conflicts/ in address bar.


Check these:


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