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An example .alias file (very old)

[Note: in Bourne shell, you'll have to put an equal to sign]


alias kj  logout

alias al     'alias |more'

alias cdp       cd ~/public-html

alias ch        chmod 604 *

alias cshrc     'pico .cshrc'

alias d   'ls -alF |more'

alias e exit

alias n         'netscape &'

alias p         pine

alias pc        pico

alias pi        pico index.html

alias rhosts    pico .rhosts

alias w         startwin

alias q         quota -v

alias du        /usr/bin/du

alias del rm 

alias pc  pico

alias pending 'pc ~/public-html/Internal/pending.html'

alias d   'ls -alF |more'

alias en  enscript

alias src   'source .cshrc'

alias .c  pico .cshrc

alias gz  gzip

alias guz gunzip

alias f   finger

alias m   more

alias cdi cd ~/public-html/Internal

alias se 'stty erase'

alias z   exit

alias whereis 'find ~/ -name'


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