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Find a specific post/date on your Facebook timeline > Search feature on Facebook > Use google to search Facebok

OPTIONS to find a particular post

1) If you don't know when you wrote about a particular thing, use google advaced search. Search within your FB URL (e.g.

2) Once you have found the rough date of the post you are looking for, 

– go to your personal page
– on the right hand side there is a timeline. Click the relevant year.
– this will throw up a new menu ON THE TOP LEFT.
– the year would automatically show up
– go to "highlights" tab
– select "all stories"
– select the relevant month

That's the easiest way to find the post.


3) I've downloaded all FB data and tried searching. That is very painful and problematic, but in un unavoidable situation, might help.

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Copy full post and comments from Facebook into an image file (cut paste comments). URL of Facebook post.

Finally figured out the easy way to copy the entire comments from a FB post.

STEP 1: Follow this video:

Basically, clicking the time stamp of the post gives you a URL for the post.

STEP 2: Expand all comments. FB automatically creates the "…more" option for most long comments. Physically click and "expand" the comments.

STEP 3: Copy the ENTIRE comments: Use Awesome Screenshot extension on Chrome to copy the entire page.

STP 4: Paste to Paint.NET and edit.



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Facebook block person vs. ban permanently

Facebook blocking

Facebook blocking help centre link.

I found a problematic person, whom I had "blocked"  was able to communicate on a group of which he is a member (I am administrator of the group). Turns out that

Once you block someone, that person can no longer be your friend on Facebook or interact with you (except within apps and games you both use and groups you are both a member of). [Facebook]

So what happens is that the person can't post on your profile but gets to post on groups he/she has joined but of which you are administrator.

Groups: You’ll be able to see groups that the blocked person created or belongs to, but you won’t see that person in the group member list. You also won’t see anything that person posts in the group. 

Thus, someone wrote on FB:

I've "permanently" banned fans and they keep coming back over and over. I no longer see the comments they leave, but other fans do? Tell me what I need to do–as an administrator–to require people to get approval before they are accepted as fans. [Source]

What this means is that even as administrator you wont' be able to see the posts made by this person, but will know because others are responding!

This is a particular problem when people are posting SPAM. In that case use the SPAM option, not the block option.

The problem with the block option is that when you want to undo that, the list is ordered in a random manner so you can't remember whom you unblocked for spam. So always use the SPAM option.

Facebook ban permanently

As administrator you can PERMANENTLY ban a member. Go to the member list (Members > see all), then search for the member and click the cross button next to his name – that will give you the choice of banning him permanently. 

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