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Using for cryptocurrency tax records

I purchased the version with API, which is broadly a good thing go do as it saves some time. But it can pretty badly mess up things, as well. Further, a couple of exchanges that I have used were not listed.

I have managed to recreate (using csv outputs, with significant manual corrections), a basic file of transactions. The generic CSV file is available here.

How to use effectively

  1. Prepare an initial comprehensive up-to-date set of data using APIs, etc.
  2. Export the data as a csv file.
  3. Collapse, manually, the multiple trades for a single transaction into a single trade (e.g. an exchange might purchase bits of BTC at a time as part of a single transaction).
  4. Delete the entire data on (use “bulk edit” option)
  5. If you need to, upload the fresh file using the “Enter coins”>Bulk imports>csv option. Otherwise, the csv file contains all relevant info for tax purposes.



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