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How to move from one web hosting company to another (in this case from Dreamhost to SiteGround)

Step 1: Set up relevant domain/ subdomain and install new WordPress

check the directory is empty

set up Let’s Encrypt SSL using My Accounts > Extras

Use cpanel to create new installation of wordpress and keep track of the temporary username/password

In the new installation Activate Akismet with your API key

Step 2: Import SQL database for relevant installation

Using phpmyadmin export from previous server (in my case Dreamhost)

Using phpmyadmin import relevant SQL database

Change wpconfig.php to reflect old webhost SQL table names and change characters (in my case to utf-8)

Step 3: Check the transfer and fine tune it

Checking that the transfer has worked (e.g. change the relevant theme so at least one theme works)

Drop the new tables created by WordPress

Now identify good plugins and upload + fix the theme

Give new and long passwords for each subdomain and link with Lastpass

Step 4: Ensure that all relevant web files are uploaded (using FTP)

Upload all relevant files

Step 5: Make a full backup of the new website and web files



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