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Secureline VPN – by Avast. A very significant impost on speed. Rejected.

I have no particular use for VPN. What I really need is speed

While installing Avast I stumbled upon Secureline VPN (under tools) and signed up for a one week free test.

Two things:

  1. The service doesn’t automatically get signed up. You have to manually link it each time.
  2. I tested speed at different locations in USA, Europe and Asia. The fastest (faster than their Melbourne VPS) was Singapore and Hong Kong. But none of these could compete against non-VPN connection.

My ordinary non-VPN speed: upload 16.6mbps/ download 0.86mbps.

With VPN I got 8-11MBPS in the better connections. In others, like New York or London, the speed was a dismal 2MBPS.

Conclusion: DO NOT use this VPN, particularly if “secrecy” is no big deal.






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