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How to create videos and upload to youtube

Step 1: Record

Step 2: Connect and auto convert (use Photo gallery) [File is automatically saved here: Libraries > Videos > My Videos]

Step 3: Make a spare copy of the file in case the original is damaged.

Step 4. Open Freemake Video Converter.

Step 5. Click “video” and open the COPY (not original) file.

Step 6. Start a project (click the icon next to the video and open it). Click the beginning and ending "scissors" icons to select portion you DON'T want. 

Step 7. Now that the selection has been done, use the scissors icon in the middle to clip out the unwanted section. Repeat for any other image you don’t want.

Step 8. Click OK. This will lead to the main menu.

Step 9. Click MP4 and convert. It will save to: C:\mymessage\xxx.mp4
Step 10. Upload to youtube. On Youtube you can further edit (e.g. cut out the ‘freemake section that comes up in the end)


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