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Linking Thunderbird folder to Eudora OSE. Viewing old Eudora files.

DO NOT USE EUDORA 8 versions. These are particularly hard to link together with old Thunderbird data. Instead, use EudoraOSE-1.0.en-US.win32.installer – available here.

STEP 1: CREATE an account (e.g. This will need the creation of a REAL address (on Dreamhost).

STEP 2: Open Eudora OSE

STEP 3: Click “View Settings for this account”

> Local Folder

> Browse

> find the SUBFOLDER under Thunderbird that says:  G:\STORE\Thunderbird\Profiles\cdsf2sv2.default\Mail\Local Folders [where G:STORE is my storage disk for Thunderbird]

STEP 4: RESTART Eudora OSE. All your old emails should now be visible on Eudora.

STEP 5: Click on various mailboxes to allow indexing. Indexing will take a long time. Let the indexing be completed. Then you can search for old emails.


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