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Usn journal problems in windows xp

I keep getting, every few days, a slow start to win xp, which does its own chkdsk and turns up with some errors in the "usn journal" which it then fixes.

All very mysterious. After reading all the stuff below, still no idea how to prevent the problem. Do I re-install Windows?

Following websites discuss it but not very helpful–ftopict438230.html

Here's a possible solution  [Source]

Recreate the USN Journal
To force the NTFS driver to rebuild the USN Journal:
  • In "Everything", from the the Tools menu, click Options.
  • Under the Volumes tab, for each volume, uncheck Enable USN Journal Logging.
  • Click Apply.
  • For each volume, check Enable USN Journal Logging.
  • Click OK.

Also this might help [Source]

The usn journal is a log file of changes on your hard drive, you can delete it. at a cmd prompt you can type: FSUTIL USN DELETEJOURNAL /D C: shows the FSUTIL cmd, its uses and cautions in use, so read this before you delete your USN JOURNAL. 


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