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Web backup

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An AMAZING amount of time is used to build websites/ improve them/ add data/ etc. But there is little or no time spent on backing them up. That is find in most cases, but there are instances when webhosting companies collapse. In that case a systematic alternative backup process is of great importance. The only sensible way to backup the website is to use FTP. The automatic backup system of the web hosting company DOES NOT DO A FULL BACKUP
There is an automatic control panel backup that can be used in an emergency. This assumes that (a) this is a full backup (often it is not) and (b) the web hosting company does not collapse. In the case of downtownhost, I've got access to a CDP server (R1 Soft Restore backups) [see the tutorial here] I've used this twice and it has been a saviour. 
But web hosting companies collapse (has happened twice already!), and other errors can occur. So it is crucial to have alternative backups
This is recommended once every often (although it can take a huge amount of time). This will also help when the web hosting company collapses, which is not an infrequent phenomenon (Note that CDP server (R1 Soft Restore backups) [see the tutorial here] IS NOT A FULL BACKUP – as I've found from sad experience).
This can be done for separate main directories, periodically.


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