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2 thoughts on “Assamese in WordPress
  1. uddip talukdar

    Thanks for showing interest in the topic mentioned in my blog. Actually, my update was about fonts, so, the process of writing proper assamese in blog will remain same.
    I have just corrected those missing letters and if you want I can send you the font file. But, still you will require some keyboard input method like avro to type in assamese.
    If you eally want to write in assamese in your blog, I would recommend install 'avro', and then use the keyboard layout 'bornona' which is very easy because assamese letters correspond to the english ones with minor changes that is very easy to remember and adding compound letters is breeze.
    I actually type my blog in notepad first then copy paste in the blog article. Which is later shown by the browser in the default font for assamese/bengali.
    So, I can send you my font file, but you can use that only in your own computer, I don't think that is what you want.
    Give avro a try, it is definitely worth.
    It was nice to have encouraging comments from you.
    And I am not advertising avro, I mentioned it because I found it really helpful.


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