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Managing the wireless at home

Restricting access to wireless at home

  • Select ‘Wireless’ from left hand side.
  • Change the 10 digit password (WEP key it is called).

Apparently this is very weak security. Better security guidance is available at:…TemplateId=35798

MTU setting on wireless
Unable to access web site (or POP mail) from home. Was able to access email from mail2web (which uses IMAP), but not able to download POP3 to Eudora

a) Suspected a firewall issue. Checked. No problem there.
b) Cleared cache from Internet Explorer. Used Mozilla Firefox to rule out an Internet Explorer problem. No success.
c) Asked my ISP (scottsdale) if any problem with hosting. Everything was fine with them.
d) Finally, waited for an hour on phone to ask Optus if my website was visible from their end. Yes. It was.
e) Removed DLink router and directly linked cable modem to computer. Website came back alive! Clearly the dlink router was causing a problem.
f) checked Dlink website (australia) and troubleshooting hints. Stuff about MTUs. Changed them endlessly. Including using TCP optimiser to change computer MTU. No luck.
g) Reset router. No luck.
h) Downloaded next version of firmware. No luck initially, as my MTU was now at 600.
i) Reversed MTU to 1500, with the new firmware. Everything came back!


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