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Windows XP problems

1. Start menu not in alphabetical order
A solution is offered at
(this solution barely works, though)

2. Windows explorer searches are too slow
The best way to resolve: do this immediately as the system becomes slow. Use Windows restore. Go to programs – accessories – system tools – system restore and pick a point about 2-3 weeks prior. That should generally work.

3. Windows explorer thumbnails are too small

a) Download and install Tweak UI from here

  • Install Tweak UI and run it.
  • Double-click Explorer menu in the left, and choose Thumbnails
  • In the right-pane, alter the Thumbnail Size – Default value being 96
  • You can also change the quality of the thumbnails using the slider at the top

The Thumbnail size and quality metrics are stored in the following registry values:

ThumbnailSize (REG_DWORD)
ThumbnailQuality (REG_DWORD)


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