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Kotak NRO account – problems with online banking in India

Problem using the debit card online in India

My Kotak debit card works well at ATMs or in physical shops but I’m experiencing huge problems with online banking. That is because an OTP is issued by Kotak for every online transaction to my phone number in Australia. Simultaneously, Kotak does issue an OTP via email – however, the email takes up to 5 minutes to reach – and in more than half the cases, the online transaction is aborted due to the delay.

Trying to overcome the online problem via gift card

Trying to overcome the problem via a gift card – but that doesn’t work, either. I thought I’d try to overcome this problem by ordering a gift card for Rs. 10,000. The card arrived but is useless – it is not recognised for online banking. I have repeatedly called Kotak customer service and they say something is wrong with their backend system. I went to the Palam Vihar branch yesterday to see if they could help fix the issue but they can’t either.

In other words, a crucial element – of online banking – is effectively not available to Kotak NRO accounts. No viable option seems to exist.


You can change the number from secure mail channel from net banking. Follow the steps below:

How to Apply for Preferred Number Change Using Secure Mail

Step: 1

Login to Net Banking

Step: 2

Click on Get Support- Inbox

Step: 3

Click on Compose mail

Step: 4

Select Service Request (SR) Nature as Request

Step: 5

Select Product as NRI

Step: 6

Select Service Request (SR) Type as Preferred Mobile number change (Mention new number)

And send the request.

Email the interaction ID (i.e. 6 digit number) which you will get on screen to the Kotak relationship manager. Along with that send a consent letter mentioning that you want to change mobile number. Mention your new and old mobile numbers and sign. 

(I took a picture of the signed consent form).

It took a total of 40 days from start to finish to get clarity on this process and get the job done.

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Can’t use 28 degrees Mastercard abroad for online transactions

I had no problem with using 28 Degrees mastercard for online transactions in the past in my trips to India, but this time it has stopped giving an alternative method to prove identity (the credit limit question). Therefore it is ENTIRELY USELESS – and there is no way to change one’s phone number either to the local temporary Indian number. It only accepts an Australian number.



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Abbreviations used in medical prescriptions in India

For 20+ years I’ve been used to printed instructions from the pharmacist to tell me how and when to take medicines. In India, however, an older model continues – the following terms are used:

OD – Daily
BD – Twice a day
TDS (or TD or TID) – Three times a day
BBF – before breakfast


2p – Two Puffs/metered doses of an inhaler
4h (also qqh OR 4′)  – Every four hours (number indicated number of hours)
AC – Before food
BEY – Both eyes
BNO – Both nostrils
CC – With food
HS (Hora somni) – at night before bed time
LE/RE – Left eye/Right eye
MDU (or MD or UT) – As directed by the prescriber
MN (sometimes appears as NM) – Morning and night
OM (or M) – In the morning
ON (or N) – At night
PC – After food
PO – Administer orally
PR – Administer anally/rectally (unless this seems odd, as PRN may mean when required, this should be obvious however as the item will not be a suppository or enema)
PRN – When required
PV – Administer vaginally
QDS (or QD) – Four times a day
SOS – whenever necessity for relief



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