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Some common words between Arabic and Hindi

Hisab – accounts
Kalam – pen
Tah – below/under

Shukriya – thanks
Haal – mood/condition

Indian words used in Arabic

Shakkar – sugar

Chai – tea

Tamatar /tamatan – tomato

Kadam – foot

Ustaad – teacher

Muafzaa – employee (benefits)

Sifr – zero

Rakam – number

Jism – body

Insaan – human

Sadr – chest ie. centre of body

Subah – morning




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Transfer WinSCP passwords to another computer

There is no export/import option.

  1. Go to Options > Storage
  2. Choose the custom file in Documents directory – this will create an .ini file
  3. Transfer the .ini file to the new PC under Documents
  4. Go to new PC, Options>Storage and select the custom directory.
  5. It will ask if you want to overwrite or use it.
  6. Say ├╝se it.
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