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Transfer WinSCP passwords to another computer

There is no export/import option.

  1. Go to Options > Storage
  2. Choose the custom file in Documents directory – this will create an .ini file
  3. Transfer the .ini file to the new PC under Documents
  4. Go to new PC, Options>Storage and select the custom directory.
  5. It will ask if you want to overwrite or use it.
  6. Say ├╝se it.
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Word numbering issue – subheading numbers have disappeared

I had a document in which 162 Header3 sub-headings had lost their numbers.

It appears they had somehow lost the multi-level numbering option.


1. Select one of the Header 3 subheading which DOES NOT show the correct numbering

2. While that remains selected, click on multilevel lists under “paragraph” in the ribbon. You’ll find that it is blanked out – i.e. it is not allocated to any header. Now select the appropriate multilevel header.

3. When you do so, a little lightning symbol will show up on the left. Click it.

4. There will be an option to “continue numbering”. Accept it.




MS Word disappearing heading numbers, autoformatting issues, updating styles

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