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Managing olympus DS300

The Olympus DSS recorder is very fussy in its installation. A TERRIBLE NUISANCE. But has to be done.
1) Link the base to the USB at the BACK OF THE COMPUTER (ie. won’t work on the front)
2) Get the CD with the relevant No.
Install the software first from the CD

Install the update (in the 0-critical folder). If step 2 has not been properly done it won’t install.

Next, fix the recorder on its stand. A balloon will come up on Windows saying the device has been detected.

You now have to allow the detect options to run DO NOT INSTALL THROUGH CD AGAIN. Choose “Ill do this on my own option” and pick the device driver that Windows offers you (the check box at the bottom).

After that the recorder is ready to work.

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Blogging tips

Sites I come across that talk about improving one’s blogging.

Edit your posts:

Techniques to find readers:

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Using EPIM


Do not update this software – only version 2 works with the paid license. Newer versions have to be paid for, but the one I have is quite OK for my basic needs.

How to use:

Download my version from here (no longer available from the epim website!). Put in the key. Now the *.epim files will work.

CSV file for data import

Except for one-off entries, always transfer data into this CSV file before importing.

Vcard to xls

It is useful to transfer data into Vcards and then import into XLS, and transcribe into appropriate EPIM format, before importing into EPIM. Else the data goes into a great big bin and there is no way to classify it into groups. MAKE SURE you’ve filled the CODE field properly before importing into EPIM. CODE is the ‘Group’ field.

(To convert Vcard into XLS use this) – also here. Then save as CSV.

Exporting data from EPIM

If you use the vCard option it outputs one vCard at a time. That’s a total mess

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