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My travel tips

Helpful things while travelling:

a) Currency management:

here "Unless you’re a currency professional, it’s generally sensible to do your exchange at your local bank or the like in the week before you depart. (Avoid doing it at the airport, as the rates are rarely as good.)"

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K 100D pentax camera – personal notes

The Sigma 70-300 lens often ‘freezes up’ on K100D without warning. That is because some mishanding has loosened the aperture ring. The camera simply won’t recognise the lens when that happens.

Go to page 139 of the manual (softcopy available here) and look at the last paragraph on the page. The aperture ring is the first ring from the point where the lens is connected to the camera. The ring must not move (if it does, that means its setting is no longer working).

If the ring is moving, press the little black knob and move it so that the little white mark (peer below the ‘PENTAX’ flash system that over-hands this mark) is facing Number 22. At that point release the black knob. The aperture ring should become firm and stop moving. Now the camera is ready to work again.

Some guidance also available here: (Using Your Pentax K100D by Richard Grimes).

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Managing WordPress – personal notes in addition to FTI

Installing WordPress is super easy. Just create a new database using cpanel and follow the instructions on this link:

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