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Using EPIM


Do not update this software – only version 2 works with the paid license. Newer versions have to be paid for, but the one I have is quite OK for my basic needs.

How to use:

Download my version from here (no longer available from the epim website!). Put in the key. Now the *.epim files will work.

CSV file for data import

Except for one-off entries, always transfer data into this CSV file before importing.

Vcard to xls

It is useful to transfer data into Vcards and then import into XLS, and transcribe into appropriate EPIM format, before importing into EPIM. Else the data goes into a great big bin and there is no way to classify it into groups. MAKE SURE you’ve filled the CODE field properly before importing into EPIM. CODE is the ‘Group’ field.

(To convert Vcard into XLS use this) – also here. Then save as CSV.

Exporting data from EPIM

If you use the vCard option it outputs one vCard at a time. That’s a total mess

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Dewey classification relating to subjects of my interest

100 Philosophy
180 Ancient, medieval & eastern philosophy

190 Modern western philosophy
320 Political science

321 Systems of governments & states
322 Relation of state to organized groups
323 Civil & political rights
324 The political process
325 International migration & colonization
326 Slavery & emancipation
327 International relations
328 The legislative process
329 [Unassigned]
330 Economics

331 Labor economics
332 Financial economics
333 Economics of land & energy
334 Cooperatives
335 Socialism & related systems
336 Public finance
337 International economics
338 Production
339 Macroeconomics & related topics

550 Earth sciences & geology
950 History of Asia

954 South Asia; India

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