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Shut down XP

Do you keep your Windows XP computer on at night running background tasks but need to shut it down at a particular time? This does not require any specialized software, as Windows XP comes built-in with a scheduler tool and shutdown application 

Note that you must be logged on as an administrator account. Only administrators can start the shutdown process.

1. Click "Start".

2. Select "Control Panel".

3. Enter "Scheduled Tasks".

4. Select "Add Scheduled Task".

5. The "Scheduled Task Wizard" will appear. Click "Next".

6. Click the "Browse" button

7. When the "Select Program to Schedule" dialog box appears, enter "%SYSTEMROOT%\System32\shutdown.exe" (without the quotes) and press "Open".

8. Name the task "Shutdown" or whatever you'd like.

9. Choose when to perform the task:

* Daily

* Weekly

* Monthly

* One time only

* When my computer starts

* When I Log on

10. The next screen may ask for more information about when to schedule the task, such as the time, start date for the task, what days to schedule the task, etc.

11. When prompted, enter the username and password (if applicable) of the administrator of the machine. Then click "Next".

12. Check "Open advanced properties for this task when I click Finish" then press "Finish".

13. Next to "Run", add a space, a hyphen, and an "s", so the command looks like the following (NOTE that your Windows directory may vary!). Then click "OK" to re-save the task.

C:\WINDOWS\System32\shutdown.exe -s

14. NOTE: If you get the error message "0x8007005: Access is Denied", visit the following Microsoft Knowledge Base Article –


If this STILL doesn't solve your problem, especially if you are:

* Using XP Home instead of XP Pro

* Running with an administrator account with no password

Access the scheduled task properties page. (Right-click on the task from the Scheduled Tasks Control Panel). Click the "Task" tab and check "Run only if logged on" and press "OK". Now, you must be logged on your system for the task to run, but if you are the only user of the current machine, this should always be the case.

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Hindi in WordPress


To write and display unicode Hindi font correctly, you have to do some editing in the config.php file of your blog.

Open up ‘wp-config.php’ from the root directory of your WordPress installation.Add ‘//’ at the very beginning of these two lines:define(‘DB_CHARSET’, ‘utf8′);define(‘DB_COLLATE’, ”);So that section should now look like this://define(‘DB_CHARSET’, ‘utf8′);//define(‘DB_COLLATE’, ”);


The inverted commas are now seen as diamond images with a question mark inside them.  Is there a way to fix that? Looks like this is a consequence of fixing the wp-config.php file.


Nothing wrong with wp-config.php file. It may be your theme or plugins issue. I think the problem is with title only. Try to retype the title and update the post




Quite a nuisance with Hindi plugins – none of them are working.

Here's a closest description of the problem:

Solution to my question:

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