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Backup of my Yahoo mail – on gmail

I got Yahoo plus on 19 December 2010 so that I could back up the mail.

Two problems encountered:

a) Problem is that it is a POP3 server and doesn't back up sub-directories. That means all mail has to be transferred to the yahoo inbox else it won't go into the backup on Outlook.

That means a lot of careful work over the next few weeks to ensure this, step by step – and followed by transferring these emails to the local folder in outlook. Clearly yahoo is not worth using as a primary email (although I like many of its features).

b) The bigger problem was created by Outlook itself, for its default setting on POP3 is to DELETE MAIL ON THE SERVER! That means I lost all my mail on Yahoo inbox! So that needed to shift the mail somewhere into a searchable database (I can't carry my outlook mail everywhere). 

That has now been done by creating an IMAP gmail account on outlook, then moving all Yahoo inbox email into gmail inbox. Once that is done, outlook automatically synchronises email with gmail.

On gmail, I've applied a filter to the yahoo inbox messages, so that these go into a separate yahoo folder.

So now about 1700 emails are found in the yahoo inbox – and these are searchable as they would have been on yahoo.

The next step is to transfer all yahoo mails to outlook, then through outlook to gmail. And backup outlook. That way both yahoo and gmail would be available on the local computer.

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Backing up DVDs

Some software directly back-up (copy) DVDs, others require a two stage process that is really cumbersome. However, if you need to see the movie in a different format, then a RIPPER is needed.

Rippers that don't directly burn DVDs create problems when DVD9 (dual layer) format is involved  (e.g. see this: It is best to avoid such software.


The best software is that which directly makes a copy of the DVD (e.g. from a DVD9 it automatically creates two DVD5 DVDs).


  • Xilisoft DVD Copy Express [PAID THROUGH TRIAL PAY – waiting confirmation of codes]
  • DVDCloner8 [not working: trial period over]



Use software that creates copies on the hard disk. Don't use the "convert" option, instead use the BACKUP option, within which if you want to backup a dual layer disk you'd have to split it into two (from DVD9 to two DVD5). It is important that an exact replica is made (i.e. you should get VIDEO_TS folder containing VOB files.


After this use Nero to burn the data onto the relevant number of DVDs. This should play automatically (using Windows Media Player) on the computer. Backups might work on ordinary DVD players as well.

Software to use:

  • DVD Decrypter [Free] – works well
  • SmartRipper [Free] but difficult to autoplay the output
  • Magic DVD Ripper [Trial period over]


  • DVDx [FREE]
  • Xilisoft DVD Ripper Platinum 5 [Trial]

Here's another list

FREE. Works reasonably well. Only converts into a hard drive, doesn't make a backup copy directly. 
FULL VERSION available (gifted away). However, it requires two step conversion. Not very useful. 
Xilisoft DVD Ripper Platinum 5
Only converts to hard drive – and not a DVD copiable version either.
Xilisoft DVD Copy Express
A cloner. Good.
Magic DVD Ripper
Generally did a good job but struggled with bad sector issues. 
 Free but does not autoplay the copied disk. Not very useful.
 Simple and effective. The best I've tried so far.

Burn ISO file

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Can’t log into wordpress

I had this experience and the following information helped fix it.

In my case I had to delete the plugin file entirely since it was causing problems.


Interpreting the Error Message:

If the error message states: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /path/blog/wp-config.php:34) in /path/blog/wp-login.php on line 42, then the problem is at line #34 of wp-config.php, not line #42 of wp-login.php. In this scenario, line #42 of wp-login.php is the victim. It is being affected by the excess whitespace at line #34 of wp-config.php.

If the error message states: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /path/wp-admin/admin-header.php:8) in /path/wp-admin/post.php on line 569, then the problem is at line #8 of admin-header.php, not line #569 of post.php. In this scenario, line #569 of post.php is the victim. It is being affected by the excess whitespace at line #8 of admin-header.php.


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