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Stop Chrome running tasks even after it has shut down

Chrome has an extremely annoying feature that literally freezes the computer upon start up. It has a number of tasks that it keeps performing on its own, without permission, even AFTER it has been shut down.


Go to settings >advanced settings (at the bottom)
Uncheck “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed”

Doing this has woken up my computer and made it super-fast once again.

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Insert adsense / text into thousands of html files

This is a complicated beast.

On UNIX things should be easy but turn out to be rather complex, e.g.

I’ve decided I don’t have time to fiddle with UNIX replacement of text. Instead, I’ve used FAR – Find And Replace on Windows to replace text and upload.

In particular, I’ve replaced <BODY> by <BODY> [adsense code] and </BODY> by [adsense code] </BODY>



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Mindmap (mindjet) – linking maps together from a “home” map

1. Folder under mediafire (My maps)

2. Under tools > options > save make sure that the default document location is under this new mediafire folder

3. In the main one have the home.mmap

4. Create subfolders and link them all to this home map

5.When you need anything jump straight to it

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