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List of Twitter handles of major journalists and media outlets + scientists/ economists etc.




@IndianExpress @htTweets @timesofindia @CNNnews18 @ThePrintIndia @the_hindu @TheTribuneIndia @aajtak @ZeeNews


@ShekharGupta @sardesairajdeep @pbmehta @alka_MIRROR @BDUTT @vikramchandra @sagarikaghose @rahulkanwal @sardanarohit @Rajatsharmalive @anjanaomkashyap @ppbajpai @ashutosh83B @rubikaliyaquat @shivaroor @PrannoyRoyNDTV @AmolSharmaWsj @SachinKalbag @madversity @Kanchangupta @RajeshMenon70 @nramind @_kunal_pradhan @anirvanghosh @amritat @suhasinih @deepakurup @venkatananth @amitvarma @Danto @sudhirchaudhary @samzsays ‏@mrsubramani



@AgBioWorld @mark_lynas @raghu8060



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Widgets as at 21 April 2019

The WordPress system is very unstable. My widgets keep disappearing, so this is a record of new widgets created as at 21 April 2019.





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