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dl13smd3000k downlight

this is what I have.  [I have bought two spare ones]. BASIC POINT: You need to get a professional electrician to install a compatible power supply first. Then you can install a higher power LED. Not something to be attempted by oneself.]

It is a FUZION 13W LED Dimmable Recessed Downlight Kit [Screenshot 1 | Screenshot 2]

What does this mean?

DL13 – not clear but possibly stands for the wattage?

3000k – stands for the colour (orange)

It is SMD which means “Surface Mounted Devices”, a special type of high power LED light. “An SMD LED is a surface-mount LED that reduces the size of the light while at the same time adding more colors to a single LED”

IP44 – this is an “ingress protection” rating . See this.

Class II indicates that a power supply is double insulated and doesn’t need an earth pin.

A power factor of >0.9 “The power factor rating is the ratio of real power (Watts) used by the load compared to apparent power (Voltage x Current drawn) into the circuit: Power factor = Watts / (Volts x Amps)

Basically one needs the voltage of the power supply (also called “driver”) to be compatible with the voltage of the actual bulb. LEDs are driven by constant current (350mA, 700mA or 1A) drivers or constant voltage (10V, 12V or 24V) drivers.

This is how the power supply is installed.



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One thought on “dl13smd3000k downlight
  1. Jenny Carruthers

    I am staying in a fairly new hotel and the LED ceiling light failed. The desk girl brought up bulbs while I googled. We realised it was one of these when I saw the pic. She found another in maintenance. We had to wedge a thin screwdriver blade under the outside edge of the outer plastic ring, without damaging the plaster and work it in till the fitting could be lowered enough to get the springs down and out. There is a power point in the ceiling where you disconnect the whole thing. Then you basically push the new power point into the power lead, check that it works and holding the springs up, push the new fitting into place. I told the girl to get management onto the suppliers. They should last nearly 8 years at 6 hours a night, if the room was used every night (which it isn’t). Failing after 18 months is not good enough.


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