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Hopeless Lenox company (that owns Moto phones) – ALL of them have HUGE random shut down problems

My first Moto phone (Moto-G) had huge battery issues and had to be got repaired. A huge problem. The new one (Moto G4 plus) has started shutting down randomly – IN JUST OVER ONE YEAR. The problem first cam up while navigating maps (GPS). Thereafter now it shuts down even more randomly, such as when the camera is switched on.


STEP 1: Go to Safe mode. This will show whether it is a software or hardware issue.

This is how to do it.

STEP 2: If the problem doesn’t occur on Safe mode (in my case it didn’t seem to occur – with the camera no longer shutting down the phone), then do these two:

a) Wipe all cached data (see this)

b) Wipe cache partition (see this)

Also REMOVE AS MANY APPS as you can (the ones you don’t use).


Step 3: Replace the battery. I’ve ordered a new battery.



Have you tested your device in safe mode: If yes, what is the difference you see?

It is possible that it is due to the aging battery but you can try booting it into safe mode and observe if the issue will persist. Let me know how it goes. [sOURCE]

Have you tried performing wipe cache partition on your device? If yes, may I know if that makes any difference?

Have you calibrated your device: Calibration occurs by applying a full charge, discharge, and charge. Battery analyzers serve as a valuable tool to calibrate a smart battery. An analyzer fully charges the battery and then applies a controlled discharge that provides the all-important capacity readings of the chemical battery. Please repete the process and observe for few days and report the changes.

If you have already tried all the above steps and still facing issues— then the next option would be performing factory data reset without restoring any apps and observing for few days without installing any app




STEP 1: First identify whether a hardware or software problem

I called Verizon and they asked me to run the phone in safe mode to see if the problem persisted. Basically to see if it was an app issue or a hardware issue. The phone ran fine in safe mode for a couple of days and then it started doing it again. I contacted Verizon again to provide them an update. They concluded that it must be a hardware problem and sent me a new phone [sOURCE]

Reboot while in safe mode

rebooting into “Safe mode”? (How to Enable Safe Mode on Motorola, Nexus, and Google Phones – Republic Help 70) This shuts down the user applied applications without having to remove them. [Source]

STEP 2: If hardware problem

Shake the phone

Take out battery and put it back again

How do you do it?

“The other thing we saw mentioned was that the battery can be jostled so that it doesn’t make all the contacts it should. I drop my phone frequently. I was skeptical, but my husband took out the battery and then put it back in. I started using the phone again the next day, and I ran it all the way down to 0%! No more random shutdowns.” [Source]

Calibrate the battery

Have you tried calibrating the battery? Try to calibrate your battery first- here is the link:

Can you test in Safe Mode to see if this is an app issue? To go into Safe Mode, press the physical power key, then press and hold the pop-up “Power off” key until the Safe Mode instructions pop up. Let us know how this goes? [Source]

Install Wake Lock

I installed an application called Wake lock power manager and used a PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK. I got no reboots after using this. Hope this helps. [Source]

Replace battery

Moto is a decent smartphone at price point. Where Moto falls short is detecting battery cell failure. In fact, it does not detect battery individual cell failure whatsoever, it just would randomly shut down. Battery replacement solved my random shutdown issue. [Source]

Finally decided to replace the battery myself, ebay around $15.00, my time and a quality T4 torx screwdriver. The problem is now gone. [Source]

Lockups and Reboots

One of the most common complaints with the Moto G is that the screen will freeze from time to time and that the phone will restart randomly, sometimes even when the screen is off and the device is locked. This may be due to a specific application, network issues, or other contributing factors. To temporarily fix this, you can try doing a soft reboot on the device by holding the power button for a few seconds.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, try the following:

Start the Moto G in safe mode (when you restart and see the logo, hold the menu button down until you see the lock screen). You will see a Safe Mode label on the screen if you’re successful.  If your phone works in this mode, then you can troubleshoot it to an issue with a particular application. You could try to figure out which application it is, or start from scratch. The former is a bit more time consuming and will require trial and error. The latter, you can do with a simple factory reset by heading to Settings > Backup and Restore> Factory Data Reset.


Moto G (2014) Battery issues

With the Moto G, it is possible for the battery to become a little wonky if it hasn’t been calibrated properly. A way to identify if this is happening to you is keeping an eye on the battery percentage in the status bar: if you notice it’s jumping around, say from 50% to 1% and back again, you may have this calibration error.

In order to solve this, it’s relatively easy: just let the battery fully discharge and then charge it back fully in one go. Repeat the process one more time and it should disappear as the battery “relearns” its calibration.


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