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Website is online and visible to others but not visible to me, nor can I FTP the hosting companay – causes

Step 1: Can others see it or is it just me? Check here: downforeveryoneorjustme   or

Step 2: Is it a local problem? Try a separate laptop/computer/ mobile phone. SBP is down from my end using all mechanisms. It is therefore not a local firewall on my computer that is causing the issue.

Step 3: Is it visible in some countries but not in others? Check APM Cloud monitor:

it could be possible that … website is accessible in certain part of the world. There is a web service available which tells us about whether a site is accessible in different cities of the world: APM Cloud monitor (Link). You should report to your hosting provider to sort it out. [Source]

In my case SBP etc. websites were losing packets across most parts of the world. Hence a problem that needs to be fixed by the hosting company.


Dreamhost support said: “Loads fine to me, probably your IP has been blocked, to unblock your IP please login to the client area at, then go to Support (On the light blue menu) -> Unblock IP. In that way you can unblock your IP by yourself.”

That WAS the problem, after unblocking things are fine. I have no clue why this blocking occurred.



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