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RISCO LightSYS security alarm system – manuals, videos. How to arm/ disarm the system

The system is VERY BADLY DOCUMENTED. There is no plain English manual that explains how it is to be armed/ disarmed.

I accidentally armed it and there was no way to disarm it. Finally, had to get advice on how to disengage its battery.



My copy of manuals should these disappear from the internet.


Download & Support


User Codes
To perform many of the LightSYS functions, a security code (often called a user code) must be input. LightSYS can support up to 16 different user codes. User codes may have variable lengths of up to six digits.
Your LightSYS was given a grand master code of 1-2-3-4 during manufacturing. RISCO advises that you modify this code to one that is unique and personalized as herein described, unless your alarm company has already done so.

Setting / Changing User Codes
The user assigned the grand master authority level can change all user codes but cannot view the digits in the user code fields. Users with other authority levels can only change their own codes. The system must be unset in order to set or change user codes.
To set/change a user code:
1. Press and enter your code followed by .
2. Using the arrow keys, scroll to the option Codes/Tags and press .
3. Scroll to Define and press .
4. Select the user index number and press .
5. Select Edit Code and press .
6. Enter the new code followed by . If successful, a single confirmation beep is sounded; if not, three quick error beeps are sounded
7. Repeat the above steps for additional codes until you have completed your list
In the LightSYS system, the User Index number range is from 00 to 15. (00=Grand master)


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