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How to use iTag >> app iTracing2 is needed >> very limited utility

This is what it looks like:


I’ve bought from ebay so it doesn’t have “iTag” image on it – probably a cheap copy.


1. Install the iTracing app (here) on the mobile phone. [NOTE: iTracing is REALLY BAD – keeps disconnecting and therefore “screaming”. I understand that iTracing2 is better source]

2. Turn on the iTag by holding the button for three seconds, when it beeps twice the iTag is activated.

3. Turn on the bluetooth on the phone.

4. Open the iTracing app

5. iTag device will appear in the device list.

6. Connect by selecting “Connect” (I had to use “search” in order for iTracing to identify the iTag. My key is called MLE-15.

7. Turn on location on iTracing (it is the third button on the bottom of the app). Once the map appears press the button on the iTag once and the map will zoom in to your current location on the map. Press the button on the iTag again to save the location on your “locate list”.

8. Attach it to the set of keys (or to anything you want to track).

Problem with the iTracing

It randomly goes into the “alert” mode by itself, creating a nuisance. Very annoying – keeps setting off an alarm on its own, each time it tries to “connect”. Looks like it looses connection very quickly, and on its own.

Need to reduce volume immediately, since the app doesn’t immediately switch off alarm on pressing the red bar.


See this.


Click “Alert” on iTracing.


Press button on iTag for around 2-3 seconds.
More details here:



identify key and mobile phone – but has many problems


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12 thoughts on “How to use iTag >> app iTracing2 is needed >> very limited utility
  1. Rosemary Kolynich

    Apparently I was scammed. This device is essentially useless for GPS pet tracking. How do I get a refund?

  2. Chelsea

    Good heavens does this thing like to randomly alarm!! I have it on my dog’s collar and if I’m more than ten feet away,it goes off,and frankly, won’t stop. Completely obnoxious,wish i had done more research or paid more attention to it’s bad reviews. Total waste of money and i don’t feel any sense of relief having it on my pup.

    1. Margie Johnson

      I agree. I purchased one if these in Sept 2021, Unfortunately my dog went missing 3 days before, but she has since come back. But, if I use the google map, I can track the locator as to where she is. But mine also beeps if I put it on the “Alert” mode, but for some reason I have to keep “pairing” the 2 devices. So, I’m not really sure if it will track her next time or not.
      I’m researching something more dependable for tracking animals.

  3. Richard

    Absolute waste of money. I tried using the item but it would not even connect with my IPhone. There is nothing more one can say. The real problem is stopping others being taken in by the hype around this item.

  4. Dave

    So far I am not impressed. It disconnects then starts beeping..going to drive me nuts. Looks like I will be asking for a refund…

  5. Laura

    Fortunately, they were inexpensive. Purchased 2. 1 for each dog. One tracker connects, but the other doesn’t. In the 30 minutes I spent trying to figure to the instructions, batteries in both were completely dead. How do these companies get away with selling useless junk?

  6. Petervlahas

    This is the fourth system I have purchased so I can track my dogs if I lose them and for the fourth Time I get screwed there must be something we can do to stop those companies especially Chinese companies overseas screwing us


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