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Resource Limit Is Reached.The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.

Wordpress is a mess. I've had this message despite DISABLING ALL PLUGINS.



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1) Reduce the number of articles which appear on your front page.

2) Disable/remove all themes/modules/plugins you are not using.

3) Optimize your database tables. [Note : Old database queries uses high resources on the server to execute and it affect on website performance too. ]

4) Decrease the number of external and internal links on your pages. Leave only the most important ones.

Some tips.


Each time someone browses a page on your website, the webserver works to serve up the page to the client. While the webserver is working on that page request, it is using one entry process to do so. When it has finished returning the page to the client, it is no longer using an entry process for that request.

For example, say you have a web pages on your website which takes 0.1s to load. 10 different people could load that web page every second. Provided the next visitor to your site only asked for that webpage after the previous visitor had finished, you would only ever need 1 entry process to serve up that page to all 10 visitors. However if all 10 visitors ask for the webpage at precisely the same instant, all 10 visitors would be served the page 0.1 seconds after that, but you would have had 10 entry processes running during that 0.1s period.

Cron jobs, shell scripts and other commands also use one entry process for the duration of the time they are running.

Simultaneous users browsing your website uses server resources. Entry processes are therefore one of the resources we have to limit, in order to protect other users of a server from any one user's excess.

If you are using all of your allotted entry processes, and another visitor tries to browse your website before the entry process count drops back below the limit, that next visitor would experience a 503 error.



The following list describes some common issues that can cause high bandwidth usage. Resolving these issues does not require an upgrade:

Comment spam on a forum or blog such as WordPress can affect bandwidth usage. Check your account for any old installations that you can remove, or for comments and spam postings that look automated. On most blogs, it is possible to disable commenting. If you want to allow comments, however, you may need to implement CAPTCHA protection for your website. For more information about how to do this, please see this article.

A hacked account often causes abnormal bandwidth usage. Make sure you use a secure password and keep all software up to date. For information about how to secure a hacked site, please see this article.

Running cron jobs too frequently—particularly resource-intensive cron jobs—can negatively impact server performance. Only run cron jobs as often as necessary. On shared hosting accounts, the shortest allowed interval for cron jobs is 15 minutes.

Consider enabling CloudFlare for your account in cPanel. For more information about CloudFlare, please see these articles.


  • Some WordPress plugins are the main cause of this problem. In my case, this was the problem as I was using 15-20 WordPress plugins that time including JetPack by , Pretty Link ManagerWP External Links etc.
  • Here comes the question how to get idea that which plugin is affecting the server? This is also pretty much simple. Read the email which you get from the Hosting Company and that will contain info like which file takes long time to process etc. In my case the admin-ajax.php file was consuming major resources and therefore I disabled an ajax powered plugin.
  • Second option is to install P3 Profiler plugin (download) for WordPress and that will provide you information regarding which plugin is using how much of server resources. Accordingly you can disable those plugins or install an alternative to those plugins.
  • Some plugins also use cronjobs to perform a specific task automatically after specified time. Those plugins also affect the website performance as well as consume high CPU resources.
  • Resource usage greatly depends upon the theme which you are using. A theme that with ajax stylingwill certainly eat up more CPU resources.
  • Also if the theme serves resized images instead of the actual width and dimension then it will also contribute to more CPU resource usage.
  • In my Minimalist WordPress theme, the pretty photo feature was enabled and that was the main root cause of increased usage of server resources and after disabling that feature, the results were better.
  • Using minimum number of widgets on your WordPress blog will also help out to reduce High CPU usage.


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