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Review of Carbonite – DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON IT

I tried Carbonite backup for $55 for one year and had serious problems with the system.

a) Carbonite requires significant customisation to actually backup the files one has got. The system is not intuitive nor sensible.

b) When I replaced my hard disk (the original one was too small) it failed to recognise the changes and tried to force me to restore stuff (I didnt' need restoration since I had my own local backup). The net result was it would NOT WORK after the hard disk was changed. I gave up after fighting with it a few times.

I'm glad that I only paid for one year. What a waste.

I would rate it ZERO (or ONE) out of FIVE. 

Don't waste your money on it.


I'm trying out free Crash Plan now but basically I've lost faith in online backups. I've purchased a 1 TB backup disk which I propose to leave in a friend's house as a backup solution. It won't be up to date, but I always backup my critical files on Drive HQ, anyway.


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