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Add (create) a new (second) blog on

Go to the global dashboard blogs page and click the "register another blog" button. THE STUPID BUTTON IS AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT HAND CORNER OF THE TOP LIST OF BLOGS. VERY HARD TO FIND. 

You can also register a new blog directly from the Admin Bar by clicking on Blog, Register a New Blog.

Clarification: That will create a new blog linked to the same username as you have now.

If you want an entirely separate blog using a different user name, sign out of and sign up with a new username and a different email address.'

KEEP IT PRIVATE (I need it as backup blog only)

NEXT STEP: Go to tools and import (select wordpress file option) 

WORDPRESS.COM ONLY ALLOWS A MAX OF 15MB file to be imported. That means it is a useful backup for tiny blogs.

WordPress takes up to 24 hours to import. It sends an email when the import is over.


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