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Accessing gmail without mobile phone (through backup verification codes)

There are two choices:

Either turn off the 2 stage process at:
make sure you have your backup codes with you. 
Each time you sign in from an unverified computer, you will be required to verify your identity with both a password and a verification code. Some applications that access Google data do not accept verification codes. Your account now requires both a password and a verification code for access. If you lose access to the phones you configured for retrieving codes you can lose access to your account. Please keep your backup codes (the codes you printed out when signing up for 2-step verification) in a safe place. You can use these in place of your verification code. If your phone or mobile application is unavailable, these codes will be the only way to sign in to your account. If you have questions about how 2-step verification works or want information about additional
steps to keep your account secure, you can learn more at the Help Center:

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Date: October 19, 2011 1:46:05 AM PDT
Running out of backup codes? Generate new ones:
Only the latest set of backup codes will work. Keep them someplace accessible, like your wallet. Each code can be used only once. MARK IT OFF AFTER USING IT.

This is how you enter the codes:

I suggest mailing your backup codes data to an alternative email account. AND a password protected file you carry around in a USB. That way in case your wallet is lost you can retrieve these codes.


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5 thoughts on “Accessing gmail without mobile phone (through backup verification codes)
  1. ronald

    lose my phone that access in my gmail , no email address back up , no backup phone #, i forgot when i first open or last open my gmail,,,, how can i log in again?


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