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Yahoo mail is pathetic

I've been on yahoo for a long time and later got a gmail account as well. Let me say that yahoo is totally pathetic:

It has the poorest search feature one can think of

one can't set up filters without the most clumsy process

one can't even set up a new folder easily.

All in all – a disaster.


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One thought on “Yahoo mail is pathetic
  1. Ed Fulton

    The new yahoo mail has many problems. The ‘classic’ mail was much better. Yahoo basically forced us into the new mail system. Here’s some of the problems I’ve encountered:

    1. There is NO communication between the “compose” section and the contact list, to allow you to choose your intended recipient.

    2. Mailing lists have to be copied and pasted into messages.

    3. It is recommended practice to delete all previous mailing lists from forwarded messages, and send as a BCC message, to minimize risk of identity theft. When I hit the “edit” button to do so, yahoo mail automatically deletes all pictures in the message.

    4. I cannot copy and paste a picture into a message. I have to develop a separate file and ‘attach’ to the mail.

    5. All of this may be done intentionally by yahoo to identify all email addresses in emails, and to eliminate all pictures in emails???


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