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How to read epub version of Breaking Free of Nehru on google play (on Android mobile phones)

  1. Go to Google Play (the store) and search for google play books – install the app ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE.
  2. Download the epub version of BFN (click here) ON YOUR PC/LAPTOP
  3. Open Google Play books ON YOUR PC/LAPTOP through your browser (click here). Log in with your google account.
  4. On the left hand side top section you’ll find “My books”. Click it.
  5. On the right hand top section you’ll find “upload files”. Click and upload the BFN’s epub version on your google play account.
  6. Now, ON YOUR ANDROID PHONE, go to the google play books app. You’ll see BFN – click the arrow at the bottom to download to your mobile phone.

That’s it. Now you are ready to read.

The beauty is that you can not only change the font size, etc. but you can also make notes which directly go to your google drive. (I forget right now what needs to be done to activate this option, but this is a great option; in my case I have automatic notes files generated from my epub books to my google drive).

Btw, I often search for epub books on this pirate store (it is OK – no malware so far): – you can download and read 10000s of epub books from this store.

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WordPress update has failed. Solution:

When it fails (basically at the “unpacking: stage), solution is to go into cpanel, pick the wordpress installer and use it to update. It works.

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hacked by GHoST61 bize her yer TRABZON :*

IPI’s website has been hacked. This was only noticed today, no way of knowing since when this has happened.


Some useful notes here.

Likely that the problem will go away by restoring an older wordpress database (found in cpanel> database backup).

Unfortunately, the hack was older than the last available database backup.

Finally, I was able to restore the site by copying code from where a copy of a December 2016 version of the site was available.

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